UPO CDC  |  UPO Community Development Corporation  |  Washington, DC

Adminstrative Services

To provide the highest quality of service, we recognize that planning, communication, and a deep understanding of our clients’ objectives is essential.

UPO CDC provides business process outsourcing and executive services to companies that desire to rapidly get establish or expand in the US market without the usual investment required in a startup situation. UPO CDC is in a unique position to provide bundled solutions for startups or rapidly growing organizations.

Our comprehensive array of Administrative Support Services include:

  • General/Small business office setup and organization
  • Develop and document company policies and operating procedures
  • Manage transfer pricing study development and monitor compliance
  • Registration with federal, state and local authorities
  • Applying (on behalf of your organization) for local and federal grant opportunities
  • Managing Grant Awards
  • Establishing and maintaining banking relationships including cash management, credit card and financing
  • Negotiation of leases
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Providing professional guidance and support, including IT project management, insurance, employee benefits, legal, tax and audits
  • Additional executive, management or clerical services, as deemed necessary by management.
Please contact our Administrative Offices for additional information.